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The Human Side of Auditing - Interpersonal Auditing Skills Development

May 31, 2018 - 09:00 AM - Jun 01, 06:00 PM
1 Main St,

Los Angeles,
United States,
ZIP: 00000

This course will discuss the four "problem children" that an auditor may encounter during an audit, and how to deal with

  • Volatile
  • Emotional
  • Troublemaker
  • Passive

We will discuss listening skills, including active listening (reflection), to ensure that the message the auditee is sending is the same message that the auditor is receiving.

We also practice these skills in class, in a fun and interactive session, so attendees see first-hand how to interpret these signs and react to them appropriately as a result.

Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to

  • 'read' an audit situation more clearly
  • Communicate better in an audit
  • Improve team communications
  • Demonstrate improved listening skills

Why should you attend:

This course will teach auditors how to 'read' an auditee, and also how to present a professional yet calm demeanor to auditees. You'll leave the course better able to pick up on body language cues, which in turn helps you to make decisions on when to press, and when to back off...

This course is appropriate for all levels of auditors - anyone who wants to have a better understanding of communication tools available for use in business, and during an audit.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Communication Styles Introduction
  • Communication Styles for Auditees - the four 'problem children' and how to deal with them
  • Communication Styles for Auditors - recognizing the unconscious signals and responding to them (hands on exercise)
  • Listening Skills - Why it's important for auditors
  • How to improve Listening skills (hands on exercise)
  • Methods for improving data capture (hands on exercise)
  • Summary and closing

Who will benefit:

  • Auditors
  • Lead Auditors
  • Auditee management
  • Audit Client

Day 1 Schedule

Lecture 1:

Class Introduction / Icebreaker
Review of Learning objectives
Audit Challenges
Communication Challenges

Lecture 2: Communication Styles Introduction
  • Communication Styles for Auditees - the four 'problem children' and how to deal with them
  • Personality types (4 types)
    • Volatile
    • Emotional
    • Troublemaker
    • Passive Exercise

Lecture 3:

Links to Myers-Briggs types
Non-Verbal Communication Cues

Lecture 4:

Non-Verbal Communication Cues (continued)

Key Communication Factors
  • Developing and conducting successful briefings and meetings

Day 2 Schedule

Lecture 1:

Improving Listening Skills

  • Active listening
  • Reflective listening

Lecture 2:

Group Dynamics

  • Team Leadership
  • Team Membership

Assessing Risks and Controls

Lecture 3: Developing an Audit Plan - Team Leadership exercise
Visualization and Practice

Lecture 4:
  • "Superteam" Model

Mary McDonald

CEO, McDonald Consulting Group

Ms. McDonald has had over 25 years' experience in Project Management and Improvement, both with large multinational corporations such as IBM and Motorola, and with smaller groups including non-profits and government. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Administration, and has worked with both large and small organizations to help them manage their projects and break it down into language that is understood easily by those who have not had formal Project Management training. Mary successfully ran several large complex projects while in industry, and was able to work with a wide variety of skill levels (from PMI Project Managers to those who did not know any Project Management terminology). Mary has worked extensively with both internal and external auditors and tailors the course material to her intended audience. She is a Project Management Master and uses Project Management techniques in her own business every day. She is a PMI Project Management instructor.

Please contact Marilyn Turner: Phone: +1 929 900 1853  Email: marilyn.turner [a] for registrations

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