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Fall Intensive: Selling to Hospitals

Nov 16, 2021 - 09:00 AM
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1000, Alameda St

Los Angeles,
ZIP: 90012

Fall Intensive: Selling to Hospitals 

The Secrets to accessing, navigating the board room and closing sales with hospitals (plus 20,000+ executive buyer contact list!)


Limited to ten seats only (7 left)! First come-first served!

Increase your sales to hospitals two fold in 6 months!
Understand the internal landscape and politics!

Led by former hospital CEO and health system VP, Dr. Josh Luke.

#1 Best-Selling Author & Award Winning Strategist Dr. Josh Luke.

See why Dr. Luke was asked to serve as the keynote speaker for the
inaugural Masters of LinkedIn Summit Sales Training Session in 2020! 

California Endowment, Downtown Los Angeles
1000 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Thursday, November 15, 2020 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Limited to ten attendees, this private work group will learn tactics that
have never before been taught on:


  • Identifying the true executive buyer
  • Accessing campus, dealing with campus security
  • Understanding the purchase approval process
  • Executive spending limits - you MUST know them!
  • Budget allocation - which others will be threatened?
  • Identifying champions to guarantee approval
  • Nuances of non-profit hospitals vs. for profit
  • The physicians role in the purchasing process
  • Impact on other executives in the supply chain
  • The impact of Corporate Compliance pressures on sales
  • Why the approach with Academic hospitals is so different
  • The for profit challenge - getting them to spend


And the biggest reveal of all: The Not-for-Profit secret that no one will share!


Also available to attendees only, a contact list
of hospital executive buyers: 20,000+ in the Western Region or 50,000+ Nationally!
Exclusive to attendees only!

Register today - limited to ten seats (7 remain)!


Double your sales this year,
the best training your company can get you this year,
the inside secrets to navigating the hospital!


"I have worked closely with Dr. Luke's for years and there is no one better to lead a course on this topic! His years as a hospital CEO and system Vice President served him well to lead in this manner."

- Dr. Tony Slonim
CEO, Renown

"Having worked for not-for-profit hospitals and for-profit hospitals alike, Dr. Luke's years as a hospital CEO and system Vice President provided years of experience in understanding how to effectively navigate the hospital board room and get things done. He is the perfect person to lead this course."

- R. Michael Hartman, FACHE
COO, College Medical Center"Dr. Luke provides a different perspective on approaching the hospital sales process since he has been on the other side of the table. His insights on navigating the board room and the particulars of politics within the walls of the hospital is invaluable."

- Rebecca Metter
CEO, Wambi

"I’ve sold for Fortune 50 companies and start-ups and my team is very experienced but we have all been thrilled with that we’ve learned from Dr. Luke in a short period of time. He’s helped us ask better discovery questions around spending limits, champions, and internal politics. His program has also been instrumental in teaching us how to tailor our message based upon the type of hospital and where they sit on the continuum of care. His leadership experience is unique and we continue to use the tools he’s given us. These lessons are not taught in a typical sales training and would take years to learn in the field – this training is invaluable!"

- Jason Burch, President
Burcheyes, LLC


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