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Lean Six Sigma Skills for Auditors - OAP315

Sep 21, 2017 - 08:30 AM - Sep 22, 03:00 PM
MIS Training Institute Holdings, Inc
MicroTek Computer Lab SF
655, Montgomery St

San Francisco,
ZIP: 94111

"This is very informative and useful to evaluating both our own functions, and the areas we evaluate. The instructor was very informative and presents the information in a way that makes it very interesting and captivating." 
- Senior Auditor, PSCU

Initially designed as a set of practices to improve manufacturing processes and eliminate defects, Six Sigma focuses on consistency, quality, and constant improvement, the very same goals that internal auditors promote during their audits and consulting projects. A data driven, quality improvement initiative, Six Sigma provides internal auditors with an invaluable tool to improve processes and implement and measure the effectiveness of internal controls.

​Throughout this two-day course you will learn what Six Sigma is all about and find out how to leverage its principles for better internal controls. You will identify critical operational issues and discover how to develop better recommendations that will lead to higher operational efficiency and effectiveness. You will go through the phases of Six Sigma and cover project scope and goals, uncovering the root cause of defects, and applying metrics to determine the effectiveness of performance levels. You will see for yourself how Six Sigma can enhance your ERM and GRC processes, while reducing costs and wasted time. Throughout this practical seminar, you will use a variety of tools to apply Six Sigma concepts, and you will return to your office with Six Sigma skills that will position you to add immediate value to your organization.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Internal Auditing (OAG101)​ ​or equivalent experience.
Advance Preparation: None             
Learning Level: Intermediate 
Delivery Method: Group-Live             
Field: Auditing

Who Should Attend

Internal Auditors; IT Auditors; Senior and In-Charge Auditors; Audit Managers and Directors; and Audit Team Leaders

CPEs: 16
INSTRUCTOR: Hernan Murdock
LEVEL: Intermediate
Tuition : $1,795


What You Will Learn:​

1. Six Sigma: Terminology and Key Concepts
• what Six Sigma is and how it works
• reducing variation and waste
• the importance of leadership and team building
• roles and responsibilities in Six Sigma projects
• key success factors
• definition and uses of DMAIC, DMADV, DMEDI, IDOV, and DCCDI

2. The “Define” Phase
• defining the problem
• identifying phase outputs and tools
• establishing the project scope, goals, and customer requirements

3. The “Measure” Phase
• identifying and using analytical skills
• measuring the process to determine the current performance level
• collecting process, product, and service information
• mapping and organizing the data
• assessing the capabilities of the process
• collecting details about the Voice of the Customer (VOC)
• organizing the data and establishing baseline metrics

4. The “Analyze” Phase
• determining the root cause of defects
• employing data collection methods and useful metrics
• using statistical tools and key analytical techniques to analyze collected data
• proven qualitative and quantitative tools

5. The “Improve” Phase
• generating alternatives and possible solutions
• evaluating, prioritizing, and selecting the best solution
• incorporating the improvements into the process
• developing an implementation plan to pilot the solution
• confirming and validating the effectiveness of the solution

6. The “Control” Phase
• how to verify process performance
• key steps to developing a monitoring system and documenting lessons learned
• applying control metrics to verify the resulting performance levels
• documenting policies, procedures, and instructions
• transitioning ownership to process owners
• applying controls to monitor the process and quickly identify problems

7. Process Mapping
• measuring central tendency and variance
• identifying the causes of variation
• performing graphical analysis

​8. Project Management and Team Building​

​9. The 14 Principles of the Toyota Way

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