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FinTech - Global Startup Hackathon

May 19, 2017 - 09:00 AM - May 21, 05:00 PM
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181, 3rd St

San Francisco,
ZIP: 94103

FinTech - Global Startup Hackathon 

Join the largest Hackathon in Silicon Valley, where we expect several thousands attendee and is open to anyone who is seeking to launch an AI based Startup, you will enjoy this chance to mingle and network with potential co-founder, partner, corporate clients or investors along top industry domain experts.
Friday Night Opening Session: Top participants “based on innovation merit” will be invited to showcase their proof of concept or demo on Friday May 19, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm.
Featured Startup 2 Day Demo: Enable VC backed and Alumni Startups to showcase their AI innovation via their laptop, desktop or similar size hardware demo (By Invitation Only).
Thought Leadership Session: Session organized throught the Hackathon for 2 Day, and include Public, Corporate, Investors and Startup focus (Agenda and Access based on Ticket Type).
Hackathon Participants Rules: Whether you are a bootstrapped founder, engineer, PhD, scientist, business hacker, or student, you are invited to join this must attend Innovation Hackathon.
Pre-requisite: Open globally to anyone with interest in AI Innovation, aged 18 or older
Industry Focus: FinTech based Innovation (Mobile Payment, Transfer, Security, IoT, Connected Cars Payment, O2O, eCommerce, Investment, Insurance, etc.)
Hackathon Cost: Free 3 Day Access for early bird, but paid for virtual and late bird.

Application: All Hackathon participants (alone or as a team) must sign up and submit idea, demo or pitch deck link (you would have a chance to update it during the Hackathon through your public cloud folder link, you own all Intellectual Property). Fill your application no later than April 15, 2017, using this link: OneTraction/Hackathon
Duration: 24 hours. Start 9am on Friday and End Sunday 5pm (team work 8 hours a day for 3 days - no overnight) alone or with their desired team members. If you need help finding additional team members, please state the skill you are missing or to join other team state your own skill, so we can match you. Domain Expert Mentors would be available on site/call to all participants.



 Complete list will include over 24 Fortune 500, Startup Leaders, Scientists and Prominent Investors and will be updated below 15 Days prior to the event stating date.

Dr. Brian Ulicny, MIT - Data Science Expert 

Dr. Pratik Verma, Stanford, Data Security Expert 


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