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Mar 07, 2017 - 09:00 AM - Mar 09, 03:00 PM
San Francisco Marriott Marquis
780, Mission St

San Francisco,
ZIP: 94103
Phone: (415) 896-1600

The Official Elasticsearch User Conference

March 7-9, 2017 | San Francisco

The largest gathering of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats expertise in the world.



The Elastic Stack

Meet the creators of our many open source projects.

While most of you know Shay Banon created Elasticsearch, did you know that the Elastic Stack also includes Kibana, Logstash, and Beats? Have the opportunity to have a discussion with Kibana creator Rashid Khan, Logstash creator Jordan Sissel, and Beats creators Monica Sarbu and Tudor Golubenco about your favorite feature, the product roadmap, and use cases.

Learn the latest in Apache Lucene from our core committers.

It’s no secret that Elasticsearch is based on Apache Lucene and that we love it! Whether it’s Adrien Grand sharing what to expect in Lucene 7, or Jim Ferenczi explaining what a synonym_graph token filter does, we are fortunate to have awesome employee committers who will be at Elastic{ON} to answer any and all of your questions.

Apache Lucene
Ask Me Anything

Bring your toughest questions for our engineers.

We haven't done our job if you don't walk away from Elastic{ON} with new skills, strategies, and inspiration to do great things with your data. Every year, we fly in our entire technical staff, including engineers, product managers, solution architects, support engineers, and technical trainers, from 31 countries around the world to work our AMA (Ask Me Anything) booth. Extra points if you can stump ‘em!


Network with 2,200+ people from our community.

Over the course of 3 days at Elastic{ON}, it's possible to hear from an IT manager about Elasticsearch and the Mars Curiosity Rover, a developer looking to end human trafficking, or an architect building out their next-generation finance thingie. With more than 62,000 community members across 100 countries, you're bound to make many valuable connections with users, customers, and partners.


Conference Pricing
Pricing: $1,495 ($1,595 at the door)

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Educational DiscountsWe have a limited number of educational and blogger scholarships available. Contact [email protected] for more information.


    MARCH 06
  • 9:00
    • Elastic Stack Workshop (Hands-On Training)*
    • Advanced Elasticsearch: Data Modeling (Hands-On Training)*
  • 9:00
    • From Ingestion to Analysis: How to Make the Elastic Stack Work for You (Lecture Training)*
    • Upgrading the Elastic Stack (Lecture Training)*
  • 11:00
    • Registration Open, Lunch
    • Ask Me Anything, Demos, Sponsor Showcase
  • 1:00
    Opening Keynote
  • 3:00
    • What's Evolving in Elasticsearch?
    • The Evolution of Log Insight at MZ Games
    • Near Real Time Retail Analytics @ Walmart
    • Data Intelligence with the Elastic Stack @ Scale: NVIDIA's User Experience Streaming Analytics
  • 3:25
    Expanding Elasticsearch: Learn How to Leverage Heterogeneous Compute to Extend and Accelerate Elasticsearch
  • 4:00
    • What's Cookin' in Kibana?
    • Cisco's Journey to Cloud Native
    • Elastic @ General Mills: The Journey Continues
    • Advancing Earth Science with Elasticsearch at Terradue
  • 5:00
    • What's Brewing in Beats?
    • The Hotel NERSC Data Collect: Where Data Checks In, But Never Checks Out
    • On Distributed Systems and Distributed Teams
    • Streamlining Healthcare and Research: The Story of Elasticsearch at UCLA Health
  • 5:45
    Welcome Reception
  • 6:00
    How to Become a Superhero (and Get Promoted!) with Elasticsearch
  • 6:35
    Fusion Intelligence Security @ Barclays

Fusion Intelligence Security @ Barclays

  • 7:45
    Second Annual Elastic{ON} Women's Breakfast*
  • 9:00
    • Breakfast
    • Ask Me Anything, Demos, Sponsor Showcase
  • 10:00
    • What's the Latest in Logstash?
    • Get the Lay of the Lucene Land
    • Microservices, Continuous Delivery, and Elasticsearch at Capital One
    • Sustainable Harvesting: How a Few Geeks Learned to Elastic Stack Logs
    • BoF: Securing Kibana Dashboards
    • BoF: Denormalizing Data
  • 10:25
    Localizing Kibana for the Global Language Landscape
  • 11:00
    • What's X‑citing in X‑Pack?
    • Products, Support, Commerce, and Relevancy: The Story Behind Search on
    • Tinder: Using the Elastic Stack to Make Connections Around the World
    • This Paper Has Been Plagiarized: How Blackboard Curbs Cheating with Elasticsearch
    • BoF: Pythonistas, Unite!
    • BoF: Configuration Management Tooling
  • 11:25
    How Warner Bros. is Using Elastic to Solve Entertainment and Media Problems at Scale
  • 11:45
  • 1:15
    • Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack
    • Building a Near Real-Time Pipeline for All Things Blizzard
    • Strengthen your SIEM: Using Logstash to Connect ArcSight to the Elastic Stack
    • BoF: Kibana Visualizations
    • BoF: Alerting Use Cases
  • 1:40
    Browse Raw Logs in One Place: Open Source Plug-in for Kibana
  • 2:15
    • What's Next for Elastic Cloud
    • The Engine for Key Security Platforms at Barclays
    • 'Elasticsearch as a Service' in eBay
    • Correlating Metrics and Logs
    • BoF: Capturing the Stars: Amateur Astrophotography
  • 2:40
    Getting Your Data Graph-Ready
  • 3:15
    • Elastic Cloud Inside Out
    • A Standard Query Language for Elasticsearch
    • Consensus and Replication in Elasticsearch
    • Small, Medium, or Large: Evolve Your Elastic Stack to Fit
    • BoF: Effectively Using Monitoring
    • BoF: Let's Talk Docs
  • 3:40
    IBM Bluemix Platform Logging with the Elastic Stack
  • 4:15
    • IT as the Transmission of the Sprint Business Engine
    • Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Time Series Analysis
    • Ballerina
    • Why Contain Yourself? Official Elastic Stack for Docker
    • BoF: All Things Elastic, .NET, Windows, and Azure
    • BoF: Logstash Persistent Queues
  • 4:40
    Monitoring Docker with Metricbeat
  • 7:00
    Elastic{ON} Party
  • 8:00
    X-Pack Enablement: Security Workshop
  • 9:00
    • Breakfast
    • Ask Me Anything, Demos, Sponsor Showcase
  • 10:00
    • Timelion: Magic, Math, and Everything in the Middle
    • How Workday Search Built their Metrics Pipeline with the Elastic Stack
    • Under the Surface of Optum's Security Big Data Lake
    • Walgreens' Journey To Creating an End-to-End Search Platform
    • BoF: Elastic in the Cloud
    • BoF: Awesome Ingest Processors for Elasticsearch
  • 10:25
    Elastic at Datadog
  • 11:00
    • Security @ Slack
    • Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: Getting Your Cluster Size Right with Rally Benchmarks
    • Ship Your Own Data: Tailoring Beats to Your Use Case
    • Customer Success @ Elastic: Elastic Stack + Salesforce = <3
    • BoF: Using Elastic for Metric Analytics
    • BoF: Best Practices Using the Elastic Stack as an Analytics Engine
  • 11:25
    Integrating Human Genetic Data to Help Drive Drug Discovery: Elastic @ Merck
  • 11:45
  • 12:45
    • Elasticsearch Search Improvements
    • The Elasticsearch Journey at Verizon
    • Powering Uber Marketplace’s Real-Time Data Needs with Elasticsearch
    • Elastic Cloud @ Fandango: How They Shifted Deployment Model to Scale & Meet Their Deadlines
    • BoF: Benchmarking Elasticsearch
    • BoF: Extend Beats or Develop Your Own Beat
  • 1:45
    • What's the Scoop on ES-Hadoop? Spark, Streaming & More
    • The Usual Suspects: Automatic Alerts to Monitor your Cluster
    • Kibana Visualizations Deep Dive
    • Secure, Fast, and Painless
    • BoF: Elasticsearch Solution Integrators
    • BoF: Creating and Sustaining Awesome User Groups
  • 2:10
    Writing Logstash Plugins in the 5.X Era
  • 2:45
    Closing Keynote with Shay Banon: Cause Award Honorees

Speaker Details

  • Shay Banon

    Co-Founder and CTO, 
  • Ruchir Puri

    Ruchir Puri, IBM Fellow, Chief Architect, IBM Watson
  • Steven Schuurman

    Co-Founder and CEO, 
  • Simon Willnauer

  • Uri Boness

  • Monica Sarbu

    Beats Co-Creator & Team Lead, 
  • Suyog Rao

    Logstash Team Lead, 
  • Clinton Gormley

    Elasticsearch Team Lead, 
  • Court Ewing

    Kibana Tech Lead, Elastic
  • Tudor Golubenco

    Beats Co-Creator & Tech Lead, 
  • Jordan Sissel

    Logstash Creator & Tech Lead, Elastic
  • Tanya Bragin

    Director, Product Management, Elastic
  • Kevin Kluge

    VP, Engineering, Elastic
  • Sophie Chang

    Machine Learning Team Lead, Elastic
  • Alex Brasetvik

    Elastic Cloud Creator & Tech Lead, Elastic
  • Nate Brown

    Developer, Slack
  • Ryan Huber

    Security, Slack
  • Steve Dodson

    Machine Learning Tech Lead, Elastic
  • Leah Sutton

    VP, Global Human Resources, Elastic
  • Sudeep Kumar

    Engineer, eBay
  • Mark Harwood

    Graph Creator, Elastic
  • Elena Kvochko

    CIO, Group Security Function, Barclays
  • Jae Hyeon Bae

    Technical Lead, Uber
  • Isaac Brodsky

    Software Engineer, Uber
  • Adrien Grand

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Noriaki Tatsumi

    Lead Architect, Capital One
  • Bingchen Hu

    Sr. Full Stack Engineer, Capital One
  • Anne Cather

    Sr. Manager, Business Process, Capital One
  • Peter Linde

    Site Reliability Engineer, Verizon
  • Rajesh Ranjan

    Associate Director - IT, Verizon
  • Shikha Srivastava

    Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor, IBM
  • Martin Hickey

    Advisory Software Engineer, IBM
  • Maria Zhang

    VP of Engineering, Tinder
  • Vivek Katakwar

    Analytics Application Developer, UCLA Health
  • Shehzad Sheikh

    Manager, Analytical Solutions, UCLA Health
  • Paul Tung

    Solutions Architect, UCLA Health
  • Chris Earle

    Monitoring Lead, Elastic
  • Bohyun Kim

    Senior Product Manager, Elastic
  • Chris Burkhart

    Technical Lead, Data Team, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Jordan Irwin

    Technical Lead, Engineering Systems, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Chris Overton

    Elastic Cloud Team Lead, Elastic
  • Christian Strzadala

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Johanna Favole

    Data Scientist, Optum
  • Kevin Conaway

    Engineer, Walmart
  • Srinivas Singanamalla

    Engineer, Walmart
  • Luis Bocaletti

    Software Architect, Dell Inc.
  • Rich Claice

    Senior Principal Engineer, Dell Inc.
  • Ryan Schneider

    Education Engineer, Elastic
  • Jay Modi

    Security Engineer, Elastic
  • Syed Ali

    Senior Technical Architect, Walgreens
  • Uri Cohen

    Sr. Director, Product Management, Elastic
  • Nicholas Lim

    Consulting Architect, Elastic
  • Satish Varma Dandu

    Software Manager, Data Science & Engineering, NVIDIA
  • Niranjan Nataraja

    Lead Data Scientist, NVIDIA
  • Doug Nelson

    Application Architect, General Mills, Inc.
  • Dharmesh Panchmatia

    Director, IT, Cisco
  • Dimitrios Liappis

    Infrastructure Engineer, Elastic
  • Slavomir Tecl

    Development Manager, Blackboard
  • Bodecker DellaMaria

    Software Engineer, Workday
  • Thomas Kim

    Principal Engineer, Workday
  • Eric Liaw

    Director of Engineering, Machine Zone
  • Reggie Meisler

    Developer, Machine Zone
  • Thomas Davis

    Architect & Project Lead, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
  • Cary Whitney

    Computer Scientist, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
  • Pablo Musa

    Education Engineer, Elastic
  • Emmanuel Mathot

    Technical Leader, Terradue
  • Stefan Stroebel

    Technical Architect IV, Sprint Communications, Inc.
  • Toby McLaughlin

    Infrastructure Engineer, Elastic
  • Andrew Kroh

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Pius Fung

    Support Engineer
  • Daniel Myung

    Sr. Software Engineer/Project Lead, Merck
  • Bhasker Bokuri

    DBA, Merck
  • Christian Dahlqvist

    Solutions Architect, Elastic
  • Nik Everett

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Alexander Reelsen

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Rashid Khan

    Kibana Creator, Elastic
  • Costin Leau

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Daniel Shirer

    Information Security Analyst, The Nature Conservancy
  • Nick Waringa

    Information Security and Risk Manager, The Nature Conservancy
  • Nicolas Ruflin

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Steffen Siering

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • João Duarte

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Daniel Mitterdorfer

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Paul Nelson

    Chief Architect, Search Technologies
  • Drew Malone

    Senior DevOps Expert, Decision Lab
  • Nathan Necaise

    CEO and Co-Founder, Decision Lab
  • Jason Silberkleit

    VP, Enterprise Architecture, XPO Logistics
  • A.J. Angus

    Manager, CRM Engineering, Elastic
  • Jim Ferenczi

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Lee Hinman

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Nick Knize

    Geospatial Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Abdon Pijpelink

    Education Engineer, Elastic
  • Samir Bennacer

    Support Engineer, Elastic
  • Stephanie Beack

    Sr. Director, Global Customer Engagement, Elastic
  • Tyler Hannan

    Director, Product Marketing, Elastic
  • Kristina Frost

    Manager, GTM Strategy Tech & Ops, Elastic
  • Isaac Sadaqah

    Software Engineer, Datadog
  • Al Leyva

    Director of Product Management for Analytics Integration, Ryft
  • Pat McGarry

    Vice President of Engineering, Ryft
  • Jason Tedor

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Boaz Leskes

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Sherry Ger

    Support Engineer, Elastic
  • Shaunak Kashyap

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Jim Goodwin

    Kibana Team Lead, Elastic
  • Antonio Bonuccelli

    Support Engineer, Elastic
  • Tom Veasey

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Brandon Kobel

    Sr. Javascript Engineer, Elastic
  • Ben Osborne

    Site Reliability Engineer, Elastic
  • Issac Kelly

    Engineer, Designer, Kelly Creative Tech
  • Brian Kursar

    Vice President Data Intelligence - Strategy and Architecture, Warner Brothers
  • Chris Cowan

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Andrew Cholakian

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Yannick Welsch

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Charlie Comiskey

    Product Manager, IBM Cloud, IBM
  • Ray Harris

    Software Engineer, IBM
  • James Baiera

    Software Engineer, Elastic
  • Anoop Sunke

    Solutions Architect, Elastic
  • Thomas Neirynck

    Software Engineer, Elastic

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