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Advanced Concepts in Child Trauma & Trauma-Informed Treatment: The Power of Human Connections in Helping Children Heal

May 19, 2017 - 09:00 AM
Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship in Napa, CA with the University of California Davis Extension
Napa District Auditorium
2425, Jefferson

ZIP: 94558

Advanced Concepts in Child Trauma & Trauma-Informed Treatment: The Power of Human Connections in Helping Children Heal

An inter-disciplinary training for those who work with or are concerned about children

$110 (Lunch included)

DR. PERRY'S TALK WILL START AT 9A & END AT 3:45P (Lunch provided 12n-12:45p)

Parking at the Napa District Auditorium is very limited. Please carpool if possible.

(NOTE TO ALUMNI OF THE NAPA IPMH FELLOWSHIP: Please contact Dr. Kristie Brandt directly to complete registration.)


As a neuroscience researcher, scientist, and psychiatrist, Dr. Perry is a leading contributor to the emerging body of literature that describes abnormal patterns of brain development associated with early abuse, neglect, trauma and relational poverty. Such experiences negatively impact brain growth, causing the brain to organize in dysfunctional ways that can have lasting impacts. This can result in a kind of “neurobiological shackle” wherein one cannot therapeutically impact parts of the brain that are not active at the time of the intervention. For example, more primitive areas of the brain control many symptoms related to emotional dysregulation, but talk therapy primarily activates the cortex rather than these primitive areas. It follows that talk therapy alone would not be an effective intervention strategy for an emotionally dysregulated child. Perry will introduce strategies for assessing which areas of the brain are involved when a child is struggling and discuss interventions that will address both the symptoms and the related neurobiological dysfunction.


As a result of this training, participants will have the ability to: (1) Describe the core concepts of human brain development and functioning; (2) Explain how experience shapes the brain and how trauma disproportionately impacts areas of the brain that are developing most actively when a trauma occurs; (3) Explain how changes in the neural system suggest specific therapeutic interventions that are developmentally synchronized; (4) Explore the implications of neglect and trauma in multiple domains of a child’s development; (5) Examine the concept of the “Intimacy Barrier” and the relevance of this to clinical work; (6) Briefly describe the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) and how it supports therapeutic work with children who have experienced trauma; (7) Describe the clinical situations appropriate for using the NMT; and, (8) Describes ways to promote resilience, healing, and optimal development for children who have experienced maltreatment and/or trauma.


Sales end on May 15

General Admission
$110.00 (+$7.01 FEE)


8:30a-8:55a - Sign-in

8:55a-9:00a - Announcements/Introductions

9:00a-12n - Morning Session with break

12n-12:45p - LUNCH/A light lunch will be provided at no cost for those desiring to enjoy lunch at the location

12:45p-3:45p - Afternoon Session

3:45p-4:00p - Q&A, Evaluations, Sign-out & Adjourn

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