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2017 World Alliance Forum in San Francisco

Nov 29, 2017 - 01:00 AM - 01:00 AM
135 Fisher Loop San Francisco, CA 94129,

San Francisco,
ZIP: 94101

2017 World Alliance Forum in San Francisco: "Healthcare Game Changers"

Since 2013, the World Alliance Forum in San Francisco (WAFSF) has focused on the commercialization and industrialization of new technologies in healthcare fields such as regenerative medicine, gene therapy, cancer immunotherapy, and digital health.

2017 WAFSF highlights dramatic new innovations in the lab, clinic, at the regulatory level, and in finance, that will help pave a new path in the era of aging population and chronic diesases. It includes presentations from lawmakers regarding new laws and regulatory pathways designed to deliver better healthcare, and business leaders who will discuss new business and financing models. In addition, the conference will feature presentations from top-tier regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and digital health companies and researchers. Esteemed thought leaders will also discuss how companies and universities can continue to foster innovation and bring game changing therapeutics to the market.

Immersion in the active discussions by leading visionaries and unique attendee composition at WAFSF encourages cross-industry, cross-sector, and cross-boarder collaborations, which makes WAFSF an important destination for business development.

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